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What's AT Maid's Customer Lockout Policy: What to Do

Follow the steps below if your customer is not available to let you in to start your appointment.

If you're using the Homeaglow for Cleaners app:

  1. Go to the 'My Jobs' tab and select your appointment.
  2. Tap ‘Manage Job’ and select ‘Report an issue’
  3. Select ‘I can’t enter the client’s home’.
  4. Complete the required tasks and tap ‘Charge lockout fee’.
  5. If you’re unable to complete the requirements, you will be required to provide an explanation, and a member of our Support Team will review your submission.

If you're using your browser:

  1. Call your customer AT LEAST 3 times over 30 minutes at the number they provided.
    • This gives us proof that you waited for the required time and made a good-faith effort to reach the client. 
    • Go to your dashboard's My Upcoming Jobs & Requests page > click the Job to find your client's contact information. 
  2. You must take a selfie with your client's house number and your face clearly visible in the shot so that we have proof that you were at the property. You will need to upload this when you file a lockout claim on your dashboard. 
  3. Wait at your client's home for at least 30 minutes.
  4. If you are still unable to gain access to their home, go to your dashboard's My Upcoming Jobs & Requests page, and select your appointment.
  5. Click 'View Job'.
  6. Select 'Charge Client for Lockout'.

These will charge your client, and you'll receive a $40 payment or your expected payout for the job (whichever is lower) for this inconvenience. Please note that the Lockout Fee will not be issued if you're late for the appointment.

During severe weather events, please reach out to your client to see if they'd like to keep the appointment or reschedule. 

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